In Fitness Clubs there is often a bazaar mentality: Who negotiates the longest gets the best price.
At beer's we guarantee that every member pays the same price for the same services.
Since our membership contribution is a guaranteed value, there might be differences due to the the start of membership.

If you would like to work out at beer's and do not want a membership, please read more here.

I look forward to your visit!
Christian Beer



Price, Duration and beer's Membership



98,5 €

per month


> for an indefinite period

> can be terminated twice a year

be flexible 


132 €

per month


> 3 months contract
> afterwards with a month´s notice

Service content of membership

  • Workout in the gym
  • 50 fitness classes per week
  • Use of Spas


Additional Services

  • Check-in Package (CIP) *
  • Towel Service 7.5 € / month
  • private locker 12 /16€ per month, small or large respectively
  • Solarium 1 EUR = 1 minute
  • Small group training "Functional Training" / Personal Training

“Upgrade” to EMS

Our combo card with 1x per week EMS training starts at 179,6 € per month

EMS Club Membership

EMS training exclusively (including spa) from 114 € per month

Satisfaction Guaranteed by right of withdrawal

We offer 2 weeks beer’s membership without any obligation. If we haven’t inspired you after 2 weeks, your membership is terminated without any problems. (If membership is canceled after 2 weeks, the costs are 100€ for the 2 weeks)



In the first month, you can purchase a one-time only “check-in package” (CIP) for 167 €.

As a new member, it is important for me that you train correctly from the start. That is why we at beer’s not only introduce you to our machine park facilities, but as professionals, provide training know-how. Our trainers and instructors don't just operate machines but work with you and your needs, so you can quickly see results.

As part of the CIP, you’ll get a physio-check with one of our graduate physiotherapists and on the basis of five personal training hours. 

The value of the CIPs is approximately 450 €. After the check-in Package, we recommend our members to continue regularly with Personal Trainer hours.

Check-in packages services in detail:

  • Physiotherapeutic check-up (30 minutes)
  • Training consult with Christian Beer (30 minutes)
  • Five introductory lessons (60 minutes each) with a personal trainer
  • Cardiovascular test on the ergometer as the basis for the basic endurance training
  • Structure of the training plan based on the Physio check ups
  • Strength training on machines, free weights and body weight training
  • Vouchers from our business partners
  • A beer's Toiletry Bag
  • A beer's towel
  • 2 Daycards worth 30€
  • A padlock


Try us for a trial workout!

We have aroused your interest?
For only 15 € you can enjoy a trial workout at beer's!
When you become a member, this amount will be credited to your membership fees.


Do you have any questions?

Then simply send us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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